Павел Дольский
Pavel  Alexandrovitch  Dolsky

Born in Leningrad on 19th November 1978

1996 – Graduated from St. Petersburg’s Art Lyceum, affiliated to the St.
Petersburg Academy of Art with a certificate of merit in fine art,
drawing and composition.

1996 – Entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Art, Department of Fine Art.

1998-2002 – Studied in the Monumental Studio of Professor Mylnikov.

1999 – Participated in the re-creation of frescoes for the Church of Christ Our Saviour in Moscow.

2002 – Graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Art with Honours.
Defended final project (Title: Young Christs Debate with Seminary
Students) with Honours and as student receiving the highest grade
possible from the independent state commission.

2003 – 2007 Worked in Professor Mylnikov’s Studio of Monumental Art

From 2003 – Member of the Union of Artists.