Павел Дольский

In any art form - architecture, sculpture, literature, music and fine art, in all its magnificent forms, harmony is present.  Harmony is an inseparable detail of the artist’s compositions and the laws of this harmony are invariable.

I saw the work of St. Petersburg artist Pavel Dolsky long before I became acquainted with the artist himself.  My first impression was of a certain harmony in his canvasses.

The magic of Dolsky’s art work is in the deep, philosophical thinking behind each creation and in the mythological elements of his subjects, yet, at the same time, he avoids a literal interpretation of his subject, substituting it instead for a charismatic, symbolic vision.

His paintings are not abound in secondary, expressionless details – every detail works to support the most important element.  The artist’s compositions are strict and sharp and this centres on the artist’s brilliant talent, his understanding of forms, his irreproachable knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, his work with colour and tone and, of course, his passionate blending of shades.

Looking at Dolsky’s works, one cannot help but be impressed with his use of reds.  This colour really does dominate his creative work but, in each instance, it is used differently, in a fantastic array of diverse variations.

Pavel Dolsky worked for some time in China, where he studied, in all its splendour, the national art and the strength of its fiery colours.

When acquainted with Dolsky’s work we understand that we are faced with an artist and intellectual.  One returns to his works again and again and, each time, finds new aspects within.  The viewer wishes to take time to think and to meditate.  However, this does not signal the absence of an external beauty and this adds a magnificent professional alliance between monumental and fine art.  In Dolsky’s works this effect is not incidental - Dolsky studied monumental art, working in the Monumental Studio of Professor Mylnikov at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.

The wealth of Dolsky’s abilities, accumulated through years of work, including frescoes, stained glass, mosaics, allow him to use monumental structures in his fine art.  This plays a central role in a distinctly recognizable artistic language - a unique charm and persuasiveness.  

Anna Gromova

Selected Works